From Roli

Feedback on article ‘Peace without War

Dear Shakun,

It is only fear that is turning most of the people now to think of the word Love. It is a too big remark to say that people are changing after this event.

Those who escaped a narrow margin from the tragedy are infused with fear and not pain. Fear invokes temporary shelter in ethics. Deep pain leaves its marks forever. Those who suffered miserably and continuously will be a part of a change in the consciousness.

Like in India it is said that a visit to Shamshan brings a shock and tingle in consciousness of the truth of mortality. How many people really take that vibration of truth to their hearts to actually believe that we are mortals.

There are numerous instances in each of our lives of narrow escapes, unexpected miracles and unexplained feelings of bliss. But do we change or evolve. We evolve, and everyone at their own pace.

What we all need is the single thing … the tool to Learn.

Yes , how can we find the right way to Learn from these thrilling realities.

Shakun, most of our Panchtantra Kathas talked about everything else in life but love. The only time love is used free and wild is when a relation between a devotee and God is in full beam. Whenever Love is taught in our religion it is just one type .. Aatma to Paramaatma .All ways of expressing and fantasizing in Love revolve around God. Sometimes it is more enjoyable to drink the juice of poem written on Krishna and Radhika than it is to indulge in a romantic poetry of Love written between mortals.

So if it is True Love you want people to learn and enjoy and share, it will come after they have fallen in love with God. The only way to know love is to love GOD.

By examples and proof you can’t deepen in people ,the beautiful need and existence of powerful emotion Love. Only by showing Your joy and ecstasy of ‘Being in Love’ you can tease them to “come and get it”

Say if I say-How wonderful I feel when I send good healing vibrations to those suffering. My heart gets hit by a boomerang of goodness .All the more I send out ,it makes me feel more secured about myself. The untold cries I make to God for peace, in return install immediately a hard core diamond like faith in me- that peace is here with in me now. Whenever in my thoughts I wipe the tears of someone in pain, I feel my tears being stored in the bottle of mercy with God. So that when I cry next, God will pour mercy potion from that bottle 🙂 Well the above language is only for believers of God. And for others to learn easy is..

I guess the Carrot Donkey (donkey moves to chase the carrot always appearing to coming closer to him though it is only hanging there by a thread on a stick ) relation is easy to learn. Like what do I GET when I PRAY or send love to others. Most of us are on ordinary understanding levels, where we can give easily if we get something in return. And talking of Love between humans , it can be only a give and take affair so we can learn to love conveniently once we see the prizes we win when we love :)………..

Lastly anyone who wants to feel the emotion of LOVE-to get there , there are two conditions-one is innocence of a child and the other is pain. Innocence brings freedom and pain brings empathy! Freedom from fear and empathy for all.

All Religion Masters are free of any fear and have most true empathy for everyone. They are the aces of Love.

Lots of love to you Shakun!