From Rita

Hi Vimlu,

What can I say about my spiritual quest? I didn’t have any until 8 years ago. As a child, I did not have any formal training in my Hindu religion. My father poohed poohed my mother’s attempts at trying to bring us 3 children under God’s kindly light , and she, bless her heart, wasn’t that convincing. After 20 odd years of living in a foreign land forging our way through calamities and happiness of all kinds with each other and our 2 daughters, my husband and I came to a kind of standstill .I would spend time reading spiritual books, attending lectures, visiting pilgrimages in the U S and in India and he would be the skeptic!

I finally found a Guru with Paramahansa Yogananda and Self realization fellowship that he founded. I follow his teachings and meditate daily but am open to all other saints and their teachings as well. As you know , in Queen Mary’s , we were exposed to  the bible and Jesus Christ , a fact I am very glad of.

Honestly, I have such a long way to go in this field. I admire and respect you for your work in helping yourself and others. continue to inspire me, my friend. 

God bless.

Your dear friend