From Pushpa

Dearest Shakun,

I LOVE it , I LOVE it, I LOVE it! Mere Humsafar, I mean. Indeed we are all travelling the same road, experiencing similar things and praying to that same ONE God. I have always enjoyed all the food for the soul that you have so kindly provided and am very grateful to you for this great service. I and my family had the great good fortune of being the disciples of one of the greatest saints and scholars of the GITA in modern times, Swami Hariharji Maharaj. Very recently HE left the body for his eternal abode but has left with us the legacy of the Gita teachings. Truly the Bhagwad Gita answers every question about our life and the world we live in. If you read a little everyday you will find that the “Dal sabzi for the soul” tastes even better, so do please make it a habit! 

Peace to one and all,