From Prithwis

In reference to my thought on the movie ‘The Matrix

The name “Dal Sabzi for the Atmaa” is almost a transliteration of the popular American book “chicken soup for the soul”

is this coincidental?

And isn’t the movie Matrix an exact reflection of Sankara Vedanta :::: “Brahma satya jagat mithya”My reply:

Dear Prithvi,

You are smart! And right on both counts. Sending you a ‘Dal-Sabzi’ that I had sent after watching the movie! Why don’t you write something about yourself, and I shall put it under ‘Mere humsafar’ on my web-page’? Take care, and God Bless,

Here is an opinion of MATRIX which was on the internet :

…is a pretty transparent biblical allegory. Computers enslave the humans as the Romans enslaved the Jews, and Neo (Reeves) is the prophesied Jesus while Cypher acted as Judas. The original VR simulation was a world without sin, but humankind was flawed, and the VR had to be changed to include suffering. Names like “Trinity” and “Apoc” are direct references