From Pradeep

How to communicate better with your Soul . what “insulates” such communication?

It is said that the soul is eternal, immortal, sarvagyani (knows all) and sarvavyapi (is ubiquitous).  Then why does it have to come into flesh and blood, and go thru the rigors, pains and traumas of day to day life.  Why doesn’t its complete gyan permeate to us.   The answer lies in the following:

The game of Gods Creation has to do with Prakash and Andhakar (Light and Dark).  The Universe has forever been divided into Prakash and Andhakar (forces of Light and Dark).  Prakash is the energy behind the creation of Humans.  Andhakar represents Evil (the devil/satan/darkness).  Humans were created especially to fight the Andhakar and bring about more Prakash (Light) into the Universe.  For this, Humans were given Free Will / Choice  … over their actions and reactions … and based on whether these were good or bad actions, positive or negative consciousness are created … leading to Prakash or Andhakar.  According to the Vedas, Humans are the only entities that were given this option, and hence are supreme among all of God’s creations.

How is Prakash (Light) created?  The test of the karmic vikars/vices (*see note 1) of  kaam, krodh, lobh, moh, ahankar is conducted via the 5 senses of smell, taste, sight, touch and hearing.  The vices create a strong attraction for the senses that can only be won over by a strong degree of self control.  Taste buds get active upon seeing delicious foods,  thoughts of lust and pleasure could activate upon sight of beauty, greed comes to mind upon seeing external opulence etc. etc. This attraction is referred to as web of maya (illusions) that the Vedas.  It is this web that gives us the virtual duality i.e. separates our higher / inner self (the soul / atman) from our physical self.  Since the soul is resident in our cellular structure, this mayic web of desires / illusions creates a virtual insulation between our soul and our body, that inhibits free communication. As we learn to control more and more of these senses, we are able to reduce this insulation, which enables greater communication between our soul and body.  Thus, more energy flows into us, we are able to withhold more of this energy within us, like a charge, and it makes us glow.  This also  increases our soul vibration.

The Avatars (Prophets) that humanity has seen down the years . Ram, Krishna, Moses, Budhha, Jesus, Mohammad to name a few … have come with this communication channel between the soul and body completely established. i.e. zero insulation.  They have come to spread a message to humanity …. of how to lead lives so that the purpose of creation (turning andhakar into prakash, dark into light) can be realised.  But, much like a teacher who gives an exam to his students and despite knowing all answers but cannot give them away (otherwise the purpose of the test would be defeated), the Parmatma / God cannot divulge to humanity the truth of his/her higher self.  Each human has to self-realise that … and that is the only way to salvation.

It is unfortunate that as India and the general world populace move towards to greater capitalism, the ancient system of life that Vedas teach … that of austerity, penance, fasting, yoga, meditation as daily routines ( the Gurukul way) is being touted as a lifestyle of the have-nots, who can ill afford the luxuries of the rich.  Nothing could be further from the real truth.  The fact is that God never meant for man to advance materially as man has.  Today’s rampant capitalism is the epitome of the effect of maya (the web of illusions) that surely gives us sensory pleasures, but in actuality takes us away from our real nature, our real purpose … that of realizing our true higher self and thereby increase our consciousness, which in turn raises the consciousness of Earth, and the whole universe … and BRINGS ABOUT GREATER PRAKASH / LIGHT.   Rampant expansion for the sake of our physical pleasures has made us plunder the Earth and its environs, leading to inexplicable changes in weather, the flora and fauna, ocean life and other world ecosystems.  Of course, mother Earth, just like our biological mother, has been doing its balancing act to accommodate our intransigence i.e. adjusting its ecosystems, creating new species of flora /fauna to contain naturally the changes (to the environs) being made by man, which are not visible to the average person.

It is only lately, led by Western nations, that the worlds’ environment is being monitored and further plundering is being controlled.  These are acts of a higher collective consciousness of man, and world bodies like the WHO, the UN, that manage such work are to be commended for there efforts.   Today, the world is headed towards greater toleration, greater environmental care, greater love for mankind and all things that exist. These acts of higher consciousness have a spiritual quotient yet un-monitorable by man.

If we all continue with our contribution towards these causes, we would have done our part.

With love and light
Oct 20, 2002