From Mukesh

Jai mata di!

Hello Shakun Ji

This is my first letter to you. I have no idea what within me has been pushing me to share my experiences with you, but I do believe there is something that is so common within us that will probably go a very long way.

Well let me introduce myself first. My name is Mukesh Tilwani, 23, resident of Mumbai. I have been a follower of Mataji, for as long as I remember, but this devotion has recently turned into passion. Well  there are many things that go into this, which I think is a different story, and shall share with you later.

However, it was recently when our group of devotees had decided to visit the holy shrine of Maa Vaishno Devi and Shiv Khodi. It was then when I came across your site, searching for facts, and stories of Mataji. I read a couple of instances that had been posted on your site, and had decided to write to you once I come back

Our trip had been a very tedious one, but nonetheless extremely pleasant. We were a group of 70 people. I along with few others had decided to climb bare foot. I must admit, the pleasure and pain that each step gave me, took my faith one step closer to Mataji. She was all along with us, through out the climb. Forget the vibrations, I would see her right in front of me. Dancing, singing and the panting did not seem to end, and surprisingly, the path itself did not want to end. It looked like a walk to eternity, but an extremely enjoyable one.

We had started the climb at 7:30 pm and reached the Kalika Bhavan at 3:00 am. After taking a nice hot  water bath and some rest, it was time to meet the power herself, my dearest MATAJI. I was so excited that I almost forgot that my feet were burning like coal because of last night’s fun and frolic. By Mataji’s blessings, I for the 2nd time, was fortunate enough to sit for the morning aarti. As I sat in the aarti, facing the magnificent cave, my attention was diverted as my younger brother was unable to surpass the gates below. But something soon attracted my attention to cave. The praises that the 3 singers offered to MahaDevi, seemed to be taking form. I knew it wasn’t an illusion, but then what it was, was the question. It did not take long for me to realise that I was looking at the eternal power herself, taking form inside the cave. She was right there in front of me sitting on a rock with all her elegance. Shri Shridhar’s aarti could not block at what I was looking, and neither would the guards, who pushed me to vacate the hall. I would not deny the fact that I was with the eternal power herself, but the blessing I got, is something that cant be described in words. The walk to the goddess’ home was a walk to paradise. I thought tonnes of questions and requests to be put before her, but the beauty of the pindies left me speechless. The charan ganga was a sip of AMRIT jo naseeb wallon ko milta hai.

I was later united with my brother, who shared an experience no different than mine. I had no idea, that all this while my feet were not in synch with the rest of my body. The pain had seemed to aggravate after I had finished climbing 93 steps of shiv gufa. My offerings to shree Bhairv nath and my hotel room were done over a sturdy horse, else I wouldn’t have been in a state to visit SHIVJI and family and all the other gods that had decided to stay with Shivji in his humble home. That is another one of my long stories, that I shall tell you later. But the experience that I have had on this path of Mataji, is miraculous. I got a job, got respect and fame amongst the ones I only hoped of being with. The confidence, power and ability to decide right from wrong, the strength to make a decision that abides by the truth have all been given as a gift but the ultimate.

 As for my message to the others, is only a song that has built my faith in Mataji. 


Mataji has changed my life to a great extent. I seem to run out of words when I need to thank her. But I also know that she understands each and every expression of mine, as she does, of every child of hers.