From Madhavi

Hi Mama

Hold your horses! Don’t fall of your chair. Yes its me Madhavi.

Well, through my teen age years you had to find ways to bribe me to come into your Gita Class but the way I looked at it was why do I need to sit for a formal class when I get a class all day without even knowing it. Thanks Mama.

I have to say that I don’t have a Guru and haven’t felt the need. I’m not really religious but my philosophy is to be practical and realistic and most of all POSITIVE. I believe that just VISUALISE and there it falls on your lap. And if it doesn’t it just wasn’t good for you.

I believe strongly in Balaji, Lord Venkateswara. Let me share a dream I had a few years ago. I dreamt that my husband and I were driving up to the hills of Tirumalai and for some reason the driver of the rented car insisted just as we approached that we had to drive separately in 2 cars. I refused and couldn’t figure it out. But he insisted. Moral: we all have our separate paths and we all embark in our journey our own separate ways. Nobody’s way is wrong or right, its just perfect for you.

(Madhavi is Shakun’s daughter)

Shakun’s reply :My Dear Madhavi, 

I am most touched at your letter and yes honoured to have my own off-spring as a Humsafar (Co-traveller on the path) Even though we all may be in separate cars, we are still travelling the same road. God Bless you, dear child! 

Luv always,