From Lakhi

Dear Vimlu,

I have been reading your messages which I find interesting. The new  site “Humsafar” should also be interesting.

Since I have lived outside India for most part of my life, I have moulded into a different pattern. I do a lot of social work & am not god fearing. I remember in ’85 I visited Bombay & Juggy took me to what he said was a saint. Actually, he was visiting his shop in Sea Rock hotel & to escape the Bombay heat, I preferred a ride in his a/c car. when I visited this man, Juggy told him to bless me since I was going to start a new life in Sao Paulo. This took me by surprise!! the saint asked me what I wanted from him. I told him nothing. There was nothing he could do for me & I am going on my own  will & only with my work, will I succeed. he stared at Juggy & we left.

Mansha’s sis in law, wanted a son. she went to this saint & he gave her a formula. He asked her to find 60 one rupee coins, rub it on her womb each morning & throw it out of the window. she got a girl!!

Now, my question is. what if it was a boy?? would she have felt it was this saint & 60 coins which did the trick?? would she have worshipped this man & showered him with money & gifts??

Now, I will tell you a joke. 

A man went to a wishing well with his wife. He threw a coin & made a wish. The wife saw & felt like making a wish too. She threw a coin & bent forward & fell into the well & died. The husband exclaimed “this really works!!

I feel that thru your site, your readers should appreciate the lord & not give in to cheap sadhus (thugs)


LakhiReply from Shakun (Vimlu)

Dear Lakhi,

While I agree that there are charlatans in every walk of life, and there are always people who would take any opportunity to dupe, I respect anyone with deep knowledge. I would imbibe the learning, and not get too involved with the person.

Sincerely, Vimlu