From Kumar

Hello Ms. Narain,

I was sitting on my desk and reading the article sent to me about Mother Kaveri’s source and the history behind. What a fascinating story…I never knew this and thank you so very much for educating me. As a Hindu I should have known…but again there are so many things we Hindus do not know…never had to chance to learn either. Thank you from my heart…and I will be sharing this with many Hindus here.

It is also exciting to learn about the trip to the source, with your friend Seeta. Well – if I ever get a chance to take the trip…I will be keeping your description as a guide. It is very well narrated. One thing that is floating in my mind, since I read this e-mail about Kaveri, what a severe damage has been done to our Hindu heritage by 1,700 years of invasion an occupation of India by outside forces!! Today we don’t know much about our heritage, culture and festivities etc…All such things have been partially lost and hope some miracle happens when someone with such knowledge writes about these things….then future generation of Hindus would be able to practice them.

With my sincerest congratulations on your trip and sharing with us here in the USA.

Kumar Bhattacharjee