From Kanchan

Dear Shakun,

Thanks for the valuable information. As far as my interest in the quest for unknown goes, it started, when, I was a little girl, during lunch and dinner time, when feeding saar and rice, pickles, vegetables, my mother used to tell us all the 3 children, the part of her girlhood, when she was 8 years old, how she and my grandmother from a crowd of over 2000 called “Sridar Swami”, home, when he was addressing the crowd. The organisers were pulling out my mother has she was loudly calling out to Sridar Swami, the swami did hear and told the organisers not to harshly pull the child, and he called her on the dais, my mom quickly pulled my grandmother by her hand and both went on the dais, with tears in their eyes, they touched the great saints feet and told him that, they would like his divine feet to touch their house, but in their minds, they were a little doubtful about the great Swami coming to their house, when there were 100’s of rich people waiting to take the Swami home for puja. Realising the inner turmoil of the two women, the Swami told them not to worry, he’ll be there, the next day at 9 in the morning. Hearing this, mom & grandmother left with a deep bliss blooming on their faces, crossing the path & the crowd looking at the little 8 year old girl who had caught the Great Saint’s notice.

At that time, my grandfather was very sick, he was bedridden and was even unable to get up. My mother & grandmother got up early in the morning, washed the house and prepared the items for the Swami’s PadPuja. At exactly 9 am a car pulled up near the house, and Sridar Swami came inside the house, he was carrying a Kamandal, he was sprinkling water all the way when he was coming inside, he asked my mother to show the rooms in the house to him and to remain silent, Swami went in all rooms sprinkling water. When he finally came to the puja room, my grandmother did the pad puja, and the great swami assured my grandmother that her husband will be completely better and that he has driven away the evil forces from the house. He blessed the little girl (my mother) with loving look in his eyes. And after that visit, Sridar Swami visited again, my grandparents have named their house-“Sridar Nivas”.

This part of my mother’s encounter with a enlightened sage or saint left a deep print in my little mind and soul. And deep inside, I too wanted to meet a great sage and to know more about spiritual platform of life. The legacy of great saints visiting the homes of my paternal and maternal side has somewhat affected the inner cores of my knowledge seeking corridors. I am still eager to meet a lot of saints, I definitely have affinity for ‘Akkalkot Swami”. I’ll write more on the subject matter.

Till then,
Take care,