From Gita

Dear Shakun,

Before I say anything else, I want to thank you and tell you what a God-send you are. you are doing an unbelievable “punjya” by sharing all your knowledge with all the Indians / Sindhis!

I got your dusshera pooja from Maya and was so impressed, I put myself on your mailing list straight away. I have been looking for some thing just like this so that in a foreign country, I can keep the interest of my “foreign” children in their faith and culture. Hopefully, I will now have something tangible and substantial in a language that is common to both, the children and us, to organize a pooja or something.

I feel I know you well but I don’t really and therefore I will not waste your time on long emails. I would like to commend you on the job you are doing and since words cannot express my gratitude, I will just stick with:


Will be keeping my eyes wide open for all mail from you and updates on the web page. Good luck and God bless with all your endeavors.