From Ashok

Dear Shakun,

I would like to just add a little on the subject “Worry, things we fear”. 

First of all most times we worry of things and fear that never happen. If we can put up so much of money in Insurance to safeguard our interest and wealth, life, family etc, then why don’t we put that same trust in faith to our Father the Creator who always will take care of us and does not ask for any Insurance premium only wants us to ask with real heart and belief to love him always. 

Just like a child after receiving a packed gift from his father tries to open it and upon not being able to open the gift goes to his father and asks him to open it for him, in the same way we should thank God our father for the best gift of Life itself and trust that he knows what is best for us as long as we always keep the faith and trust him. Only he can perform Miracles and we all have seen some in our own lives.

Thanks & Regards