From Asha

My dear Vimlu, (my maiden name)

Nice name ‘Humsafar’ Yes I can say that I have been that with you. We have been friends since childhood and we have shared our joys and sorrows.

I thank my Guru Radhasoami for holding my hand all my life. After I lost my husband, I brought  my 3 small children to Bombay as I wanted them to be brought up amidst Indian culture. I had to give up my right over the business that I had abroad. I felt alone.

I house hunted, school hunted, put my children through school and college. They grew up fine. Are happily married and today are grateful to me for what I did for them. They are great kids and they are there for me now.

The greatest part is that they went back to the place where my husband had business and are doing well for themselves.

All this happened thanks to my Guru and my faith in him.

Your friend,