From Anita

Dear Auntie Shakun, 

Thank you so much for the messages regarding the Guru. I feel so good now after reading what you have said. That was pretty much how I was feeling and it was nice to have it validated by you. I have now realised that whatever path you are drawn to is for a reason because it helps you further on your journey. My going to the BK (Brahma Kumari) movement so many years ago helped me to get a feel of spirituality without bogging me down with rituals which I resisted for some unknown reason. maybe that’s why it appealed to me so much. 

now that I have broadened my horizons, I find that Vedanta helps me how I deal with my everyday actions and thoughts – all that I am beginning to just comprehend from the Gita and I know I have a long way to go. the answers I found in spiritualism about karma and after life have made absolute sense to me. It just seems to click in my brain. So that is why I feel so comfortable with what I am doing right now and I guess when I will be ready I will find the Guru. 

Thanks so much once again Auntie. 

Love Anita