Thought on ‘Even the Flu Teaches’

Thought One

The whole of last week I was down with the flu. I am still recuperating, hence I am too full of myself to think of the wonderful things that Life provides.

Ones most intrinsic attachment is to ones body. So whatever happens to it tends to affect our Soul. People say “We will think of matters of the Spirit when we grow older!” When one grows older one is too full of aches and pains to think of the Spirit.

Our Scriptures say: ” No matter what you do through life, if you think of the Lord at the time of death you are assured a seat in Heaven” Simple, right? Not so simple!!! If you have not devoted time to matters of the Spirit you shall not think of taking the Lord’s name at the time of your death. You would be too full of aches and pains, or you would be too worried about who takes away your best jewellery! 

So even though I do not feel very bright, I shall visualize only joy health and happiness around me and thank the Lord for all the healthful years that he has given me and be grateful for my family who has pampered me and my friends who have kept me entertained and doctors and medicines and prayers that have helped in my recuperation and…..