Ekadashi (Gyaars)

Thought One

I have come to the conclusion that all that our ancestors taught us, was meant for our own benefit. It is our choice whether to follow their advice or not. But we must not ridicule their beliefs.

Hindu  Sindhis observe Ekadashi or Gyaaras by fasting on that day Ekadashi means Ek +Dus=11   Gyaaras comes from the word gyaarah which means 11  It refers to the 11th day of a fortnight belonging to a lunar month–the bright and the dark. The moon influences the tides, and also the moods of man. We have energy centers in our body called ‘chakras’. The moon’s influence on the body has an influence on the chakras, which tells upon the mind ultimately. On Ekadashi the mind finds itself in its own abode which is the ‘eye-brow center’ (chakra) and the ‘heart’ center (chakra). So the mind gets concentrated and collected easily on these days. Seekers take advantage of these two days and try to practice deep meditation. Hindus treat Ekadashi as a very holy day and observe fast on that day.

There is more food for thought on this subject but this will suffice as we live in a ‘diet zamana’.