Divine Dohas

Divine Dohaas and Charming Chavpaayees

Dohaas’ comes from the number ‘Do’ meaning ‘two’. Hence Dohaas means a couplet or a 2-lined poem. The above abound in poetry that sprouted from Goswami, Tulsidas, Kabeer, Ravidas amongst many other Saint poets. ‘Chavpaayees’ is also Spiritual Poetry except that they are 4-liners.

Follows a typical ‘dohaa’ from the ‘Ram-Charit-Maanas’ (popularly known as the ‘Ramayana’)

‘Raghukula Reet sada chalee aayee
Praan Jaaye par vachan na jaayee’

Which means that the code of the Raghukula (Sri Ram’s) family, had always been that its members would rather die than to go back upon their word.