Divine Births

Myself in Mathura, Birthplace of Lord Krishna 

Supposedly the wall of the jail

Divine Birth is the privilege of the godly.

The method that the Divine Ones chose to make their entry into the world is mysterious.

Rama’s father’s name was King Dashratha.

He had 3 wives and had almost lost hope of begetting children. 

Dasharatha’s guru Sage Vashishta advised him to perform a certain prayer.

At the conclusion of it, a Celestial Being appeared with a bowl of sweetened rice and milk. King Dashratha was told to distribute the sweet to his 3 wives. It is written that on drinking of the milk, the wives experienced symptoms of pregnancy and months later, Rama and his brothers incarnated.

It is stated that Rama emergence into the world was painless to his mother, Queen Kaushalya.

She suddenly saw the Divine Child with 4 arms. 

Upon Mother Kaushalya’s prayer that he assume the body of a natural child, Rama reverted to the form of a normal new born baby and started to cry!

Krishna was born while his parents, Devki and Vaasudeva were in jail. Krishna’s parents were imprisoned by Devki’s brother who feared that he would be killed by the 8th child born to his sister.

Devki did not experience labor pains. Upon the birth of the Divine Child, the guards fell asleep, the gates miraculously opened and Vaasudeva crossed a swollen river and carried the child to safety!

It is believed that baby Sidhaartha, who became the Budha walked a few steps on being born.

His Mother Maya learned that she was blessed to be the Mother of a Great Being, by a Celestial Dream!

Jesus is said to be born of Mother Mary who was a virgin!

His Birth was heralded by a bright Star, which was noticed in far away countries.

Angels announced His birth and blessed Mankind.

The world has been blessed with these Great Masters who transformed Mankind.

I believe that though these ‘Bringers of Good Tidings’ inhabited a body, for a period of time, they never identified themselves with it. They used their mortal cover to clothe their Giant Immortal Spirits in.

These Incarnations were a gift to Mankind. 

They came to our world to teach us the way to tread the Divine Path.

This 25th of December the world will celebrate the Birth of Jesus.

Let us strive to follow the Path of Love on the carpet that He rolled out for us!

Let us walk together. It will make the journey so much more enjoyable.

Merry Christmas!