Dhanteras and Diyas

I have some new information on Diyas and Dhanteras.

While we are still in the ‘Diwali mood’ I thought that I would share it with you.

I have often wondered why it is considered more auspicious to light oil or ghee diyas (earthen lamps) rather than to switch on an electric light.

I have read that a lit diya is a ‘witness’ to our life. According to the Rigveda, the origin of the diya is the Sun.

Ms Amla Ruia, a charming cultured lady, was kind enough to share the following information with me.

Amlaji told me that during ‘Satyug’ (An Ancient period in Time when Truth Love and Prayer reigned) Earth was closest to the purifying rays of the Sun. ( A New Age friend claims that the Sun we are talking about is the Great Central Sun)

During Kaliyug the earth is farthest removed and hence the intellect becomes toxic, and is not able to function in a morally upright fashion.

The deep reflecting light of the sun is helpful in creating the right vibration, wherever it is shining and does not allow the harmful residues to remain in our minds.

Older mothers did not like hair falling on the forehead of her child because she wanted the light of the sun to continue to penetrate into the brain through the forehead.

Even today, a new beginning is always inaugurated by the ‘Lighting of the Lamp’

It is believed that the light of the lamp annihilates ego.

The benefits.

1)      Lighting the diya with pure ghee is beneficial to the eyes

2)      Sesame seed oil gives one victory over enemies.

3)      If one lights diyas during the month of Kaartik, one gets the ‘punya’ (benefit of good deeds) of various ‘janams’ (lives).


My learned friend Vimla Patil tells me that Dhanteras is celebrated 2 days before Diwali. The 13th day of  the dark half or Krishnapaksha of the lunar Hindu month of Ashwin.

During Ashwin Amaavasya(Diwali) one performs the Lakshmi Puja. 

It is the only new moon night in the year which is festive.
It is said that the atmosphere, because of the change of season, is heavy
with magnetic particles on that night, and this is auspicious for the human
mind and body. 

The magnetism in the atmosphere on that day attracts Lakshmi,
the Goddess of wealth of all kinds – hospitality, lustre, gracious
behaviour, sharing, beauty and enjoyment of all creations of god with

Dhan means wealth and Teras means 13.

Dhanteras is called ‘Yama- deep- daan’(Gifting of lamps to the God of Death)

Yama is the God of death and I am about to tell you a story connected with him.

A young maiden drove the God of Death (Who came disguised as a serpent to kill her husband) away from her husband by keeping lamps lit throughout the night.

Keeping the lamp lit through the night on Dhanteras is considered so auspicious that even the God of Death returns to his home without laying a finger on his victim. Therefore one can say that the light of the lamps brings in prosperity, health and long life.

Dhanvantari and Dhanteras

The original name Dhantrayadoshi has come to be known as Dhanteras.

This is the trayodashi, the thirteenth day of the churning 0f the milk ocean by the gods and asuras when Lord Dhanvantari god of healing and medicine arose with the golden amrut kalash, the pot of immortality, in his hands…

So on Dhanteras it is a good idea to pray to Lord Dhanvantari for good health and a long life.