Deepa – A Light Onto Others

Deepa Kodikal & me
Deepa Kodikal (in the centre) From left, behind Nirmala and myself

Deepa Kodikal is an enlightened woman.

She says that she is an ‘ordinary housewife’

You decide

She has done her B.Sc from Delhi Univ.  Among other activities in college, she learnt glider flying when in N.C.C. She was selected as the best cadet from Delhi and had to take part in the Republic Day Contingent Parade on the 26th.Jan.

 She is a devoted wife and mother. 

In about 1982, she started getting into Nirvikalp Samadhi, a very deep state of samadhi, and started experiencing different aspects of the formless Brahman.  In bliss she found that God, the cosmos and she was one.  The experience of this merger and the knowledge that kept pouring out have been chronicled in a diary form in the book, ‘ A Journey Within The Self’.

Knowledge still keeps pouring in, and some of this knowledge has been published in the book,  ‘Teachings of the Inner Light’.

In simple words Deepa  has had an experience of the transcendental…An Experience, free from limitations!

What does that mean?

Well the truth of the matter is that the experience is beyond comprehension, except to the experiencer.

It is believed to transcend all qualities, concepts, opposites, time…It is an Immortal Consciousness…

The above are the words used to describe God.

Those who have experienced The Ultimate Experience, state, that the observer is not different from the observation. It is an “expression of the unity of all that we see”.

Let me quote from her book: ‘A journey within the Self’

…I felt that I was vast, limitless in size. A feeling of all pervasiveness swept over me. I was everyone, and everyone was me. There was one continuous principle pervading everything. Everything was one. I felt love pouring out of me. Compassion streamed forth from me. No one was baser or inferior to me. There was no sin, no badness, no punishable instinct…

Sometime the Experience comes gradually to a Spiritual Seeker and sometimes it comes suddenly, but come it does, whether it is during this lifetime or subsequent ones!

I know I would love to experience it. To go beyond joy sorrow, pleasure pain would be wonderful!

Would that experience make you less humane? It is believed not. Without ego, desires, ulterior motives, one would be compassionate, loving wanting nothing in return…

One would be free!

Ashtavakra Geeta states the following:

He who considers himself free is free indeed,

And he who considers himself bound remains bound.

As one thinks so one becomes.

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Deepa’s books are available in the following book shops and websites: 

Strand Book Stall (at CST), Chetana, Granth Book shop at Goregaon,