Creator of Pain

We create our own pain. People do not create problems, our minds do.

I can already hear you protesting. 

Ok! Others may create problems for us, but they move away from the scene.

It is our mind that remains, constantly chattering, living and reliving the past, and worrying and getting paranoid about the future.

But since everyone is paranoid, we consider it normal.

The above does not mean that one must stop caring or being bothered about the work at hand. I believe in what the Bhagvad Geeta teaches: “Do your best and leave the rest”.

Accept, whatever life brings, and ‘Act!’ and then leave the result of the actions at the feet of the Almighty!

One must become aware of the continuous unnecessary chatter that goes on in ones mind, like a broken record. 

One must become the Conscious Presence.

Life is the way it is. The mind judges the past, worries about the future and wastes the precious moment at hand. The above holds true even when the moment is unbearable.

How awful can it really be, if one decides to live one moment at a time?

One must remember, that today is the tomorrow, one worried about yesterday.

Let us not create any new pain now, and let us not live in the pain that one brings from the past.

Let us start by believing that we are far greater than our minds.

I was reading the other day about Raman Maharishi, one of the greatest sages that walked on our planet. 

Raman, at the age of 16, felt that he was dying. Immediately, he realized that he was not the body. He was ‘real’ an eternal spirit that transcends the body and cannot be affected by death or any kind of pain.

His teaching was simple. He taught: ‘Continuously ask yourself ‘Who am I’ 

“Who am I prior, to me being a daughter, a woman, a sister, a wife…?”

And one will be lead to ones Eternal True Being. ‘Ones True Nature’.

However, that Deepest Self can only be understood when the mind is still.

For those who reach the Enlightened State, I am told that beautiful experiences may come and go, but an undercurrent of peace remains.

Buddha called that state: The end of suffering.

I said earlier that the true mind may be experienced when the mind is still. 

You might say that people who do not use their mind are crazy.

Mind is different from ‘intellect’ and the power of discrimination.

The mind is made of the constant useless chatter.

I have read that the reason why less people are creative is not because they do not know how to think, but because they do not stop thinking. The Creative Power that comes from the Beyond comes from the stillness between thoughts.