Chapter 18



UTTAMCHANDANI: –  Uttamchand.

Nukh: K-ka.

 Uttamchandani are Khudabadi Bhaibunds. Their forefather was Seth Uttamchand Chhatomal. At Hyderabad they lived in Dalwani Ghitti, near Khiyanati Tando and as their family grew some of them shifted to other locations. 

Seth Uttamchand had a very good rapport with the Mirs. When the British rule came, he developed rapport with them as well. Seth Uttamchand was a Municipal Counselor.

Seth Uttamchand had four sons. Bhai Chanrai, Bhai Ramchand, Bhai Udhavdas and Bhai Topandas. 

Bhai Chanrai’s grandsons had in the year 1947 business at West Africa, Gibraltar and other places under the name of M/s J. T. Chanrai Uttamchand. 

Grandson of Bhai Tahilram Assumal was a Sindworkee. He had offices at New York, Malta, Bombay, Calcutta, Lahore, Delhi and other places in India. 

Amongst Hyderabadi Bhaibunds, Uttamchandani’s, Saghranis, Mahtanis and Hathiramanis are considered as the pillars of the Sindwork.  

Shrimati Gulibai Tarachand Daswani, daughter of Bhai Dayaram Tolaram Uttamchandani recalls her past:

Bhai Ramchand Uttamchand sired Bhai Gaganmal, Bhai Kundanmal and Bhai Shewakram.

Bhai Gaganmal Ramchand sired Bhai Tolaram who sired Bhai Dayaram, Bhai Naraindas, M/s. Hargundas, Daulatram, Bhagwandas, Arjandas and Mithu.

Bhai Dayaram sired two sons and four daughters. 

Sons: (1) Mr. Gordhandas married Shrimati Kamla Lilaram Kirpalani and sired two sons. (2) Mr. Khubchand married Shrimati Indrabai (Ganga) Daulatram Sadhwani and sired four children. 

Daughters of Bhai Dayaram:

(1)     Shrimati Parpatibai (Paru) married Bhai Jamnadas Khiani and sired one daughter Kamlu. Shrimati Parpatibai expired thereafter. 

(2)     Shrimati Devibai married Bhai Gangaram Dayaram Daryanani of Las Palmas and sired Mr. Nanik who married Jyoti daughter of Bhai Manghanmal Baharani of K. A. J. Chotirmal & Co. 

(3)     Shrimati Lajwanti married Bhai Jamnadas Khiani (husband of her late elder sister Shrimati Parpatibai and sired Vimlu (Shakun) who married the translator Narain son of Bhai Sobhraj Jhamatmal Kimatrai. 

(4)     Shrimati Gulibai married Bhai Tarachand Tikamdas Daswani and sired three sons: Hargobind, Jagdish and Lakhi.

Mr. Gordhandas sired two sons: Mr. Madhu who married Milenda daughter of Bhai Roopchand Bhojwani and Mr. Aju who married Sushmita Gobindram Asnani.

Bhai Khubchand Dayaram sired four children.

Son: Mr. Suneel who married Poonam daughter of Mr. Kishinchand Khemlani.

Daughters: (1) Meeru (Deepa) who married Mr. Nand Lachmandas Kewalramani, (2) Veenu who married Deepak Ramchand Mahtani and (3) Ms Manju. 

Bhai Gaganmal’s brother Bhai Kundandas sired Mr. Jiwatram, Mr. Khubchand and Mr. Murli.

Gagandas’s other brother Bhai Shewakram sired M/s. Wadhumal, Jamnadas and Hassaram. 

According to Shrimati Gulibai, around 1932-1934, when she was 5 years old she lived in Uttamchandani Ghitti that extended from Nihayan Jo Pir upto Koriyan Jo pir, that was next to Khiyatani Tando.

Seth Uttamchand had five sons. Bhai Chanrai, Bhai Jhamatmal, Bhai Ramchand, Bhai Udhavdas and Bhai Topandas. 

Bhai Chanrai sired Bhai Hassomal who sired Bhai Tulsidas, Bhai Mulchand and Bhai Bhojraj.

 Bhai Bhojraj sired M/s. Harkishin, Bhagwan and Madhu. He also sired a daughter Shrimati Mithibai who married Bhai Sukhramdas Mahtani.

Bhai Chandumal sired Mr. Laju.

Bhai Mulchand sired three daughters.

Bhai Tulsidas sired Mr. Chandumal and Mr. Mithu who married Shrimati Sushila.

Bhai Ghanshamdas sired Bhai Kewalram, Bhai Lokumal, Bhai Mulchand and Bhai Lachmandas.

Bhai Kundanmal sired M/s. Jiwatram, Khubchand and Murli.

Bhai Shewakram sired M/s. Wadhumal, Jamnadas and Hassaram

Bhai Kewalram son of Bhai Ghanshamdas Thakurdas sired M/s. Damodar, Girdhar, Murlidhar and Pitambar and two daughters.

Bhai Lokumal had no children.

Bhai Mulchand (expired under tragic circumstances) married a Ms Mithibai and later a Spanish Lady.

Bhai Lachmandas expired under tragic circumstances.

Bhai Damodar married Shrimati Kala Chellaram Mahtani and sired M/s. Govind, Dayal and three daughters, Gopa, Saroj and Rajni

Bhai Damodar’s son Mr. Dayal married Shrimati Saroj daughter of Mr. Vishindas Sobhraj Kimatrai. They have two children named Navin and Kirti. Both are married.

Bhai Girdhar married Shrimati Jayanti and after her demise he married Shrimati Ruth. Bhai Girdhar sired M/s. Narain, Pishu and Anil.

Bhai Murlidhar married Shrimati Nirmala Khemchand Mahtani and sired M/s. Hiro, Jagdish and three daughters. 

Bhai Pitamber married Shrimati Kamla Chellaram Mahtani and sired M/s. Vinesh, Deepak and one daughter.  


 DASWANI: – Bhai Dasomal.

 Nukh: Jivna.

Daswani are Khudabadi Bhaibunds. When the Khosas (a caste among Muslims) burnt Khudabad in 1759, Dasomal, Vasumal, Mahboobrai and Mahtabrai fled to Hyderabad and settled at Mukhti Ghitti where Sakhrani, Budhrani, Surtani and others were domiciled. 

Dasomal’s descendants are Daswani, Vasumal’s: Vaswani, Mahboobrai’s: Mahboobani, and Mahtabrai’s: Mahtani. Each one of them had their own Mukhi. 

Bhai Sabhanmal was the Mukhi of the Daswani. Later the Saghranis moved out to Mukhti Ghitti. Prominent amongst the Saghrani was Bhai Tarachand who was Mukhi of entire Hyderabad. 

After moving to Hyderabad, the Daswanis prospered. There are two branches in Daswanis:

“Daswani” from the roots of Bhai Dasomal and “Daswani Chellaramani” from the roots of Bhai Chellaram.

Most prominent amongst the Daswani was Bhai Ramchand Tulsidas and others.

In 1920, Author Diwan Bherumal assisted Bhai Khubchand Bulchand, a reformist, to publish a Gurmukhi-Sindhi (Sindhi written in Gurmukhi script) weekly newspaper “Kanya”.  

During the Second World War, a German submarine torpedoed a passenger ship in which Bhai Khubchand was travelling, on his way to India from Gibraltar.

Bhai Bulchand Tolaram had a flourishing Kirana (food grain and daily necessities) shop. Bhai Bulchand did not have a child of his own and considered all the children of the family as his own and spent part of his income on them. 

In memory of his father Bhai Tolaram, he opened a girls school ‘Tolaram Girls High School’, at Hyderabad. 

In memory of his mother Samoratbai, he opened yet another school ‘Samoratbai School’. Bhai Bulchand was a pious man and follower of Chidda Kashi Pant.

Mrs. Gulibai Tarachand Daswani (Chellaramani), aunty (Masi) of my wife Shakun has contributed following information on the ‘Daswani Chellaramani’ section of the bradri.

Bhai Khubchand’s (a reformist mentioned above), father Bhai Bulchand were in all four brothers: Bhai Bulchand, Bhai Dulanomal, Bhai Shewakram and one other.

Bhai Dulanomal had three sons: Bhai Rijhumal, Bhai Tikamdas and Bhai Naraindas.

Bhai Rijhumal sired M/s Bhagwandas, Nanikram and Dayaldas.

Bhai Tikamdas sired M/s. Tarachand, Harkishindas and Sukhram.

Mr. Tarachand married Mrs. Gulibai daughter of Bhai Dayaram Tolaram Uttamchandani and sired M/s. Hargobind (also known as Gobind), Jagdish and Lakhi.

Hargobind (Gobind) married Pushpa daughter of Mrs Utibai and Mr. Parsram Khemchandani and has sired Kabir, Arti and Kripa.

Kabir married Prisha (Geeta daughter of Mrs Vijayanti and Mr Gul Mirchandani) and sired a son called Pranav.

Jagdish married Veena daughter of Mrs Roop and Mr. Kishinchand Lekhraj of Lekhraj & Sons and has sired Harshad and Namrata.

Harshad is married to Nyasha (Divia Thani, daughter of Mrs Indira and Mr Ramesh  Thani

Namrata (Simran) married Arjan Khiantani (son of Mrs Durupathi and Mr Atmaram H Khiantani) on 20th March 2006

Lakhi married Mansha daughter of Mrs Devi and Mr. Purshotam Hassaram Daryanani and has sired Pooja and Karuna

Comments (H.Dee.Gordon)

Your Web Site is wonderful. My surname is DASWANEY. So I looked at how this surname came into existence. I found it. Then I read the whole article and finally I saw the name of My Grandfather: Bhai RAMCHAND TULSIDAS DASWANEY, a prominent citizen of Hyderabad Sindh. OOOOHHHHH, I became so delighted to see his name. Of course he passed away in Bombay around 1950. Maybe he was around 70-75 years. Okay my name is Gordhan Hashmatrai Daswaney I am 75 years. I am the son of Mr. Hashmatrai Ramchand Tulsidas Daswaney. He opened a Jewellery shop in Colaba in Bombay in 1938 The name of the shop is: R. H. RAI & CO, Jewellers The shop is still there: near Regal Cinema My father passed away in 1952, at the age of 56. I came to Hongkong in 1956 at the age of 26. So I have been in Hongkong since then, and have visited Bombay many many times. My heart and soul are in Bombay. Nothing like Bombay, with its Paanwallas and Doodwallas and sounds of Bus Horns telling the cars in front to MOVE, knowing that there is a RED traffic light.

I still have an INDIAN Passport, name  Daswaney Gordon Hashmatrai.

I came to Bombay in 1936 (when I was 6 years old)

I went to a Christian Convent School. They changed my name from

Hope I have not taken too much of your time. I have been telling few of my friends to see your Web Site: 


Family Tree:

Gordon Daswaney married Nirmala Navalrai Dingomal Melwani and sired 2 children: 

1)Haresh G Daswaney married Sandy Sadhwaney of Manila and has been blessed with a daughter

2) Sonia G. Daswaney married Suraj Jhangiani and sired a son.





Bhai Watumal Jhamandas and Bhai Shewakram Jhamandas are Khudabadi Bhaibunds. By virtue of living in Mirchandani Ghitti, they considered themselves Mirchandani. After partition, descendants of Bhai Watumal Jhamandas call themselves Watumull

Bhai Watumul had four sons: Mr. Khubchand, Mr. Ramchand, Mr. Arjandas and Mr. Gulab. Mr. Khubchand lives at Mumbai, Mr. Ramchand and Arjandas expired. Mr. Gulabrai lives in Honululu.  



Nukh: Samta.

The Hathiramanis migrated from Punjab and lived at Lakhpat, that was then the commercial center. During the reign of Kalhoras and the Mirs, many Hindus from Sind had their Kothis (offices) at Lakhpat. Later, the Hathiramanis shifted to Tilty Taluka Saywan. They, the Hathiramanis thereafter left Tilty and moved on to Hyderabad and stayed in Wadhwani Ghitti.   

The Nukh cousins of Hathiramani, ‘The Samtas’, were in the year 1947, living at Tilty and called themselves Samtani.

In the beginning there were only three Hathiramani households in Wadhwani Ghitti. But as the family grew, some Hathiramanis had to move out to other localities.

In 1947, there were fifty households of Hathiramanis in Hyderabad. At the start of British Empire, the Uttamchandani, Saghrani, Mahtani and Hathiramanis were considered as the main pillars of the Hyderabad City.

The Hathiramanis were engaged in trade, Govt. Service and some were Advocates. Diwan Tolaram’s family was prominently known.

A note from Shakun (Dec 2004)

I would like to express my gratitude to Mrs Mohini and Mrs Pushpa Hathiramani who spent valuable time tracing back, and constructing the Hathiramani tree. Ommissions and errors are not intentional. I shall be happy to add/ make necessary corrections.

The surname owes its existence to Mr Hathiram.

It is possible that he may have dealt with the teeth of elephants.

Mr Hathiram sired Mr Devidas who sired Mr Amalrai who sired Mr. Rochiram who sired Mr. Thawardas. 

Mr Thawardas was enterprising and educated. He was proficient in Mathematics, specially Mental Maths, and he wanted to write a book in Algebra.  Mr Thawardas ventured to Ceylon and Japan and later opened his own establishment in Indonesia, Rangoon and Ludhiana.

Mr Thawardas had a brother called Mr. Gaagoomal.

Mr Thawardas sired 8 sons. 

1) Mr. Lokumal 

2) Mr. Dayaram

3) Mr. Bhagwandas

4) Mr. Ramchand

5) Mr. Kishinchand

6) Mr. Naraindas

7) Mr. Gope

8) Mr. Arjan


Mr. Lokumal Thawardas married Chaturibai

Mr. Lokumal opened an establishment in Nigeria.

He sired 1 son called Mr. Gurbux and 2 daughters called Sheila and Kamal


Mr. Gurbux Lokumal Thawardas married Mohini Chulani

He sired 3 daughters, Beena, Geetu (Laxmi), Aarti  and 1 son, Mohan (Bob)

Beena married Mithoo Melwani and sired Sanjay, Minali and Amrit.

Geetu married Nari Dadlani and sired Sudarshan, Kirti and Radha.

Aarti married Madan Harjani and sired Rohit and Anasuya

Mohan (Bob) married Madhavi Narain Kimatrai (Shakun and Narain Kimatrai’s daughter) and sired 2 sons:

Aditya and Kiran

Shiela Lokumal married Gope Dadlani and sired Jagdish and Nandini

Jagdish married Vibha Bhagchand and sired Neha and Yashna

Nandini married Arun Mahtani and sired Simran and Shiksha

Kamal Lokumal married Vashi Melwani and sired Ravi Anju and Vivek

Ravi married Heeru Dadlani and sired Yash

Anju married Vinod Hathiramani and sired Anisha and Rohan


Mr. Dayaram Thawardas married Gopi Mohnani

Mr Dayaram sired 1 son called Nanik

Nanik married Sheila Samtani and sired Mahesh Anil and Sanjay

Mahesh married Seema Mirpuri and sired 2 daughters

Anil married from the Mirpuri family and sired 1 daughter

Sanjay has yet to find his mate


Mr. Bhagwandas Thawardas married Jamna Mahtani and sired Vashi and Nirmala


Mr Ramchand Thawardas married Lachmi and sired Thaku Murli Ramesh and Suresh

Thaku married Pushpa Mahtani and sired Anil and Roshni

Suresh married from the Dadlani family and sired 1 daughter.

Kishinchand Thawardas married Savitri Dadlani and sired Hiro, Mohan, Suresh, Haresh, Sundri, Maya and Kamlu

Hiro married Sushi Bharvani and sired 1 son and 1 daughter

Mohan married Laju Bharvani and sired 3 daughters

Suresh sired 2 sons

Haresh sired 2 sons

Sundri married into an Uttamchandani family and sired 1 son and 1 daughter.


Mr. Naraindas Thawardas married Duru Mahtani and sired one son Ramesh

Ramesh married Sabita Mahtani and sired Jacky Gautam and Vandana


Mr. Gope married Kamla Chugani and sired 1 son Umesh

Umesh married Kavita Uttamchandani and sired Amar and Laxmi


Mr. Arjan married Pushpa Bharvani and sired Meena Sham and Sharda

Meena married Ashok Sadarangani and sired Rakhee Nandini and Minali

Sham married Vinita Khiani and sired Vinisha Amrit and Sohini

Sharda married jagdish Chanrai and sired Mahima and Kamini

Can you help?


Would like to be included in the Uttamchandani surname and know where we belong.

My Details: Name. Kishore Tikamdas Uttamchandani Father. Tikamdas Tahilram Uttamchandani Mother. Rekha (Ganga) Uttamchandani Wife. Tamana Kishore (Alimchandani) Utta. Brother. Madhu Tikamdas Uttamchandani

Would appreciate if we could be included in your Uttamchandani surname so we know who our forefathers are and how we connect to the other Uttamchandani’s. Thank You.

Kishore T. Uttamchandani



My grandfather is Hassomal Daswani and my grandmother’s name is Radika Nandwani.

Its really hard for me to get info since my grandfather died in 1991 and my
grandmother is now in Hongkong with my father’s brother Gope Daswani.

My mom told me years ago, that i am related to a certain Kaypee Daswani, a businessman in Hong Kong

The eldest sister of my dad is Vishu Daswani now a Ramchandani married to
Raj. I would like to get more information.

Dimple Daswani of Manila 




‘The Source of Sindhi Surnames’ is a translation into English, by Mr. Narain Sobhraj Kimatrai from the original in Sindhi by Mr. Diwan Bherumal Mahirchand Advani