Atharva Veda

I  wish to convey certain vital information
 regarding the certain applications of Atharva Veda
and its Promotional activities . The ATHARVA VEDA –
the fourth Veda  has valuable information regarding
Science & Technology, Herbal cures, Controlling of
Natural Calamities(getting of Rain,etc.,) Asthra
Sasthra Vidhyas(Defence) & Control of Negative
Vibrations. Apart from other Vedas, Atharva Veda is
not available in texts or books. Because of its
valuable contents, It is kept in secret or sutchuma
form .

Applications of Atharva Veda.

1. Control of Pollution  – applicable to industries
2. Protection from  antisocial elements- Applicable to
3. Curing of Chronic diseases with certain Mantra
4. Protection from Negative Vibrations, Enemies 
5. Control of Natural Calamities – Reduce the effect
of Damages
6. Effect of Motion of Planets  – Space Study
7. Control of Vaastu effects by Yantras – applicable
to Builders.

His Holiness Sri.Sri.Sri.Ramakrishnananda Saraswathy
Swamigal ,Atharva Veda Sankaracharya of SriVidya
Peetam is an  erudite scholar in Sri Vidya  Upasana 
and also  well versed in four Vedas .But His forte is
His Mastery over Atharva Veda.

His Holiness Swamiji has done extensive research on
Vedas and had identified that so much of contemporary
Scientific knowledge & literature even more is already
found in Vedas particularly Atharva Veda . His
Holiness has particularly been pointing out the
scientific base of the Various Yagna & Homas  and
explaining how they are repugnant to but tally in tune
with reason & science.

After deep analaysis of our activities, our
Hon.President A.P.J. Abdul Kalam called His Holiness
to Rashtrapthi Bhavan and discussed various research
activities related to Atharva Veda.

Considering the importace of Atharva Veda, His
Holiness Sri.Sri.Sri. Ramakrishnananda Saraswathy
Swamigal, Atharva  Veda Sankaracharya of Sri Vidya
Peetam wishes to promote Atharva Veda  nook and corner
of the world and to implement certain techniques
mentioned in Atharva Veda for the beneficiary of

We need your kind encouragements  in our effort for
the Promotion of Atharva Veda .

Praying for your Peace & Prosperity