Asha Chand

Last week, I was fascinated by a young lady I met!

The lady’s name? Asha Chand.

Her passion? To keep the Sindhi language alive!

Her website:

She met me, because she read about the Sindhi proverbs I have compiled in my book: ‘The Wisdom of Sind’, and she knew that I was a co-traveler on her path! 

I asked her what and who inspired her to keep the Sindhi language alive?’

She answered: “Because I was brought up in an atmosphere of Great Sindhi Writers”

Her mother Smt. Sundri Uttamchandani is a Sahitya Akademi Award, (Short stories called ‘Vichhoro’) Gaurav Puraskaar and Nehru Peace Award Winner.

Shakun (on the left) with Asha Chand
Shakun (on the left) with Asha Chand

Allow me to introduce you to Asha’s father Mr. A.J. Uttam.

He is known as the walking, talking and living encyclopedia of Sindhi literature.

Mr. Uttam was born in 1923. He organized the ‘Hyderabad’s Students’ Union in 1941 and became its General Secretary.

In 1942, he participated in the Quit India Movement, courted arrest and was sentenced to one year’s imprisonment.

In 1948, Mr. Uttam reluctantly migrated to India. He continued to work for the Sindhi language, along with Mr. Gobind Malhi and Mr. Kirat Babani and ‘gave birth to Sindhi literature in India’. 

In 1956, Prof. M.U. Malkani, A.J. Uttam and others met the Rashtrapati for obtaining the recognition of the Sindhi Language. Subsequently Sindhi was recognized by Central Govt. in 1957 for Sahitya Akademi Awards and Radio Programmes.

The crowning success of the efforts by Mr. Uttam and others emerged when Sindhi was included in the Eighth Schedule(Modern Indian Languages) of the Constitution of India, by the then PM Mrs. Indira Gandhi.

Standing on the right is Shakun.  On Shakun's left is Asha's daughter, Moomal.  Sitting on the left is Asha Chand and sitting on the right is Mrs. Sundri Uttamchandani.
Standing on the right is Shakun.  On Shakun’s left is Asha’s daughter, Moomal.  Sitting on the left is Asha Chand and sitting on the right is Mrs. Sundri Uttamchandani.

Asha says: ” Some people understand Sindhi, but do not know how to read it, so she has presented her mother, with an audio book, full of poems, written by the mother, recited by the daughter.

After that came ‘Hi Shahr and other short stories’, then followed short plays ‘Samaj Shewak’ and others by Prof, Punjwani, Shairi of Narayan Shyam and Shaikh Ayaz Ji – Voice Dr.. Moti Prakash, Bhagat (VCD). To fund these audio tapes Asha organizes cultural shows in Dubai. The funds received from the sponsors of the shows, is used for such products. 

Asha has come out with a CD-ROM entitled: “Let’s Learn Sindhi” which I strongly recommend. Her husband, Son and Daughter have given her full support by contributing their time and have worked for the projects with her.

Asha believes that well known Sindhi Spiritual leaders should promote the Sindhi language. 

Asha is committed to her passion of keeping the Sindhi Language alive and I can help her in my humble way to spread her message: to fulfill every Sindhi’s dream, of once again making a contact with our roots.