Art of Sleeping

I got this information from Arvind Thosar, who got it from a friend  who has done the ‘Art of Living’ course of Shri Shri Ravishankar.

Everyone knows how to sleep. But do we? Have we really mastered the “Art of Sleeping”? Let us see what the ancient masters of India said about this subject and if it meets with our scientific temper.

We are advised to avoid sleeping with our head to the north or west.
To impress our minds, they evolved certain religious dictates, and folklores, and perhaps only a few knew the reasons of health and longevity underlying those guidelines.

We all know that our planet has a magnetic pole stretched from north to south with the positive pole at the north and the negative pole at the south. Now, health scientists tell us that we too have a similar magnetic stretch with the positive pole at the head and the negative one at the feet.

It is common knowledge that like poles repel and unlike poles attract not only scientific but also in social spheres. When we lay our heads on the north side, the two positive sides repel each other and there is a struggle between the two.

Since the earth has a greater magnetic force, we are always the losers, and rise in the morning with headache or heaviness. But when we lay our heads in the southern direction, there is mutual attraction and we wake up fit, fresh and free, unless afflicted by some illness.

We also know that our planet revolves itself from west to east, and sun’s magnetic field enters earth from east side. This magnetic force enters our head if we lie with head on the east and exits through feet, promoting cool heads and warm feet as per the laws of magnetism and electricity. When the head is laid towards the west, cool feet and hot head — result — an unpleasant start for morning.

Now we may realize why the ancient sages said, that our intellect improves by east facing head or house, and life lengthens with the head facing south. North brings disease and west dulls the brain. They gave us a few more healing hints for a healthy sleep. Never lie on one side for long. Keep changing. Avoid daytime sleep. Let the night food be light and early. Drink milk with honey. Avoid reading serious or sensual literature straining the nerves. Repeat a few mantras to relax your mind before you sleep.