About Shakun

Shakun Narain Kimatrai had her early education in Spain. It was her enquiring mind which led her to go deeper into the whys and the wherefores of Hindu customs and traditions which resulted in her authoring the book “Hindu Customs and Beliefs“, and subsequently, another work entitled “Symbolisms in the Ramayana“.

In touch with Masters“, her third publication, introduces her readers with the various Spiritual personalities that entered her life and left a deep imprint on it. All the afore-mentioned three books have been published by the ‘Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan’.

Her fourth book “The Wisdom of Sind“, makes an effort to immortalize, the Sindhi proverbs and give an insight into the Sindhi way of Life, both modern and ancient.   This book has been sponsored by the ‘Group 21′,a Ladies’ club, of which she is a member, and whose members contributed in putting together most of the ‘Pahaakas’ as proverbs are called in Sindhi.

She has completed the translation of  ‘Nisaadhanta‘ , a series of discourses rendered by Sri Morari Bapu, from Hindi to English.

She has recorded the various meetings she has had with her Guru and Mentor under the title ”Remembering Maa, through the pages of my diary

Shakun’s sixth book ‘Dadi Nani ki Kahaani‘ was released by Shri L.K. Advani.

Dadi Nani ki kahaani (Hindi) has been translated by Ms Shashi Mahajan

The book includes the lives and teachings of Lord Krishna and great prophets like Jesus, Mohammed, Zarathustra, Mahavira, Buddha etc.,aside from stories from Shrimad Bhaagvad and Ramayana.

All the above books are available for perusal within her web-site.  You can click on the book names to go directly to the respective books.

‘Dal Sabzi for the Aatman’ is a weekly mailer started by Shakun Narain Kimatrai. It is especially popular with the young Sindhis.  The Dal Sabzi for the Aatman has proved to be so popular, that she has been requested by many, around the world, to be added, on her mailing list.  This website is a collection of all the mailers she sent out,  all the books she has written, mantras for everyday use, and a lot of other interesting pages.

Her expertise includes Spanish translations.

Shakun freelances. Her articles have appeared on Indian as well as International magazines.   Shakun is widely traveled and has a keen interest in music. She was successful in the Radio test that she appeared for in 1986. Around 1980, she started a ‘Bhajan Group’ Which consists of ladies who enjoy singing. Today they are much sought after, to give performances at various Spiritual gatherings.

Shakun also conducts classes on Hindu Philosophy where she instills an awareness of the richness of the Hindu heritage in the young minds.

Today she is the Chairperson, Head of the Spiritual Desk and one of the Founder Trustees of ‘The Women’s Movement for Peace and Prosperity’. She is also an active volunteer for Spiritual activities for ‘Times Foundation’.

Shakun Narain is proud grand-mother and a grateful housewife to her husband and children, for not coming in the way of her interests, but encouraging her in her various pursuits.

A traveler am I and a navigator; and everyday I discover a new region within my soul.

Kahlil Gibran

TV Interview

Shakun gave an interview on Sindhi TV Programme – Sindhi Surhaan by Sindhi Sangat. Some of the questions that were asked by Asha Chand were about how to keep the Sindhi Language. Do watch the interview…Maybe we can do more for our Sindhi Language and Culture…

Radio Interview

Many people have asked me what/who inspired me to do what I do.

On the 16th of August 2005 I was asked that question on Radio (Sindhi interview)

By Ms Poonam Malani.

Follows my answer:

I was brought up in Spain where I was the only Hindu girl in a class of over 40 Spanish students.

I lived in Spain during the 50s and during that times Hinduism was was not well known.

During Recess time my Spanish friends used to ask me: “You seem like a thinking intelligent girl, how can you believe in monkey and elephant gods”

The above questions used to hurt me!

When I returned to Bombay (India) with my mother, at the age of 13, because my mother had a Spiritual bent, I would attend Spiritual discourses with her.

At those discourses I met a lot of Hindu Scholars. I asked them numerous questions and I noted their answers in my diary.

It is with the help of these notes that I wrote the various books that I did and I started the Geeta classes for the young.

I told my students: ” I have asked so many questions during my lifetime, that chances are that I shall be able to respond to your questions, but if I do not have the answers I do have access to the Masters from whom I shall then acquire the answer for you.

Poonam, you asked, who inspired me. The inspiration came from my mother, Lajwanti Jamnadas Khiani. She used to tell me: “In life you may get everything for the asking, but not ‘true blessings from the heart. That you get with good karmas!”

2nd Question:

Do you think that Spiritual Education should be incorporated in schools?

Follows my answer:

Poonam, allow me to narrate an episode in my life.

I believe that when one has a ‘good’ desire, it comes true.

About 10 years ago, I went to many schools and I requested the principals to incorporate Spiritual education in schools.

The Principals said that my request could not be granted since India is a Secular Country, which means that they cannot propagate one religion.

I asked them: “Why don’t you teach the future generation, the gems of each religion?”

But the Principals did not pay much heed.

I started to write articles…and I started posting them on my website: Dalsabzi for the Aatman (www.dalsabzi.com). The articles came to the notice of a leading newspaper and I was encouraged to write ‘Dadi Nani ki Kahaani  in which I have written about the gems of all faiths, in child-friendly language.

Today the book has been sent to over 500 schools, and the effort continues to have the book read out to every child in the world.