A Talk

I am out of Bombay at the moment having a wonderful time with my children and grandchildren.

At one of the ladies get-togethers, in the States, I was asked to give them a talk.

But they requested that, it is not on religion.

I guess I know why.

A lot of people believe that the biggest obstacle to peace is religion.

It is the cause of so much unrest!

I believe that the core teaching of all major religions is peace, love for fellow human beings and God.

It is people, who do not understand the underlying message, that have created the rift between people who have given the same one God, different names.

I was listening to a taped discourse of Shri Morari Bapu who states that we could live in a perfect world if we were to imbibe the following salient qualities from the various religious Giants:

The wisdom of Shri Krishna.

The service and love of Christ.

The brotherhood of Islam.

The compassion of Buddha

The non-violence quality of Mahavira…

If one looks close enough, each religion embraces all the above qualities.

I spoke on religion, not as religion, but as a way of life.

And I know that it was very appreciated!