A Good Start

I heard a lecture last week.

I learned that fear and stress occur, because there is a gap between our expectations and reality. 

One of the ways of overcoming fear and stress is to chant.

But one must first be aware of ones feelings and reasons for the fear and stress. Suppression is not the answer. But then neither is venting ones feelings, hurting others, the solution.

The scriptures tell us over and over again that we are made in the image of God. I must say that our feelings and actions are not very godly! Why?

Because we are choked by negative tendencies and thoughts. The God in us, is buried deep within! How to recognize our true nature?

A Guru is essential. The Guru may come in the form of a good book, lecture, a friend, a good soul, a parent…

One has to learn to remove the misconceptions we have got used to live with. Analyze the mind and talk to it like one does with a friend, who has lost his way.

Start with discipline.

Maybe a good diet and physical activity would be a good start!

Yoga asanas, the correct way to breathe would be a good way to proceed!

Do not forget to relax. And do not be too hard on yourself.


How?  Sit comfortably. Keep your spine straight. Breathe deeply. Fill lungs, chest and abdomen. Then exhale slowly expelling the air, and emptying your lungs, chest and abdomen. Just practice and persevere and then the Lord takes over.

So the Scriptures promise us!

Now, is the right time to start! Do it! It is later than you think!